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The Astroscan is a nice little scope.  4" F4.  Gives nice wide field views.   The best thing is it's size, it only weighs 12Lbs and can be carried in a small back pack.  When I go camping I like to keep the scope near my sleeping bag.  Whenever I wake up I can look around without getting out of bed.  (I almost always sleep under the stars)

    I took apart my Astroscan to clean it.  The hard part is getting the giant snap ring that holds the optical window off  It's a little tricky, because it takes considerable force,  and if you slip the optical window might break.  I used two large needle nose pliers to grab the ring and squeeze it enough to remove the ring.  Once that's out it is easy to get in and clean everything.  Putting the ring in is a little tricky as well,  but it can be eased in a little at the time, and isn't as dangerous.  I doubt the cleaning improved the performance any,  but it sure looks a lot nicer.