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 Here is my eyepiece collection.  

55mm    Televue Plossl 2" format.  Man this thing is huge.
40mm    University Optics Konig II MK-70 2"  70 degree AFOV (apparent field of view)
32mm    University Optics Konig II 
31mm    Televue Nagler Type 5  2" of course
25mm    University Optics Abbe Orthoscopic
16mm    Televue Nagler Type 2 (2" or 1.25")
12.5mm University Optics Abbe Orthoscopic
12mm    Televue Nagler Type 2 (2" or 1.25")
9mm      Televue Nagler Type 1 (2" or 1.25") old style without grip.
7mm      Televue Nagler Type 1 with rubber grip.
4.8mm   Televue Nagler Type 1 with rubber grip.

2.8X     University Optics Klee Barlow

  (thumbnail) This picture is out of date.

f6.3       Celestron Focal Reducer.  Converts f10 SCT (Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope) to f6.3.  Should help with CCD imaging.
2" Star Diagonal.
1.25" Star Diagonal Vixen
SCT to T Adapter OAG (Off Axis Guider) by Orion.
12mm MA Meade Illuminated Reticle

Other Eyepieces

26mm Rini Plossl           Great especially for the price.  The price was about $15 so it is a great bargain.  You can also buy just the lens sets for these and build your own eyepieces.  I think I'll keep this piece for Star Parties.