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Linux on a Compaq Proliant 2500

I am pretty much a Linux newbie, so don't expect any enlightening stuff here.    I do have a couple of tips for loading Linux (specifically Redhat 7.1) on a Compaq Proliant 2500.

There is now an easier way to do this.  Just use the line mem=1024M (or whatever your memory is.)  Put it in the same place as below/

1)  Make sure that the OS is set to Unixware 2.0, or Linux in the BIOS.  Otherwise SMP won't work.

2)  Linux doesn't recognize the memory correctly.  When loading linux,  go to a prompt and type:    mem=exactmap mem=640K@0 mem=1024M@1M  After Linux is loaded edit /etc/lilo.conf.  Add      mem=640K@0 mem=1023M@1M,  just before the read only line.  It's a good idea to only edit the SMP section to start.  That way if it doesn't work you can easily boot using UP (Uniprocessor mode).  After saving the file type lilo at the prompt.  This will implement the changes to lilo.conf. 

    It seems to run pretty nicely on a dual Pentium Pro 200, with a Gig of Ram.