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Logan Model 1922

 On April 2nd, 2002 I picked up a Logan model 1922 that I won on Ebay.  It was located in North Hollywood,  about a 35 mile drive from here.  It was an interesting drive on the way back.  The lathe was loaded on my trailer, and strapped down quite heavily.  Still,  every bump in the road made me check my rearview mirror to see if it was still there (there were ALOT of bumps,  this is Southern California, on the freeway)

    The Logan Model 1922 is an 11" swing, 36" between centers, bench top lathe mounted on iron legs.  Mine came equipped with a Royal 5c lever collet closer,  a Stelling large diameter cross feed dial, a Logan 6 position turret tailstock, a Logan 2 position production cross slide, a coolant sump,  a regular tailstock, and standard crosslide.   Mine is equipped with what I believe to be the factory 2 speed 3 phase 1HP motor normally reserved for the 12" and larger lathes.  Below is a picture as it was when I picked it up. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

Here is a close up of the Stelling dial.

    I have purchased an 8" 4 jaw (used), a Hitachi 2HP inverter drive which I am using as a phase converter, a bull nose live center, and a 2mt mounted chuck for the tailstock. 

Here is a shot of the 4 Jaw mounted on the lathe.  There is a lot more red in the picture than real life.  I think it's the fluorescent shop lights.

More to follow.