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My main workstation.

Here is my main workstation.  I need to update the pictures at the bottom, as alot has changed.   I've had this motherboard and these CPU's since October of 2000.  At that time it was definitely kick but,  now it's beginning to show it's age.  This is the longest I've ever used a single Motherboard-CPU combo.  

    This system is smokin' fast when it comes to work as well.  It compiles code extremely fast and is great in Photoshop.  The first 100 megs of any file saves to cache almost instantly,  anything bigger than that get written to disk.  I can open a 1 GB Photoshop file in about 7 seconds. I benchmarked the RAID array, and it does quite well.  The drives can read at 330 MB per second (I'm sure this is from the cache on the controller to the CPU)  which is 2.5 times faster than a standard PCI bus (gotta love 64 bit PCI).  The random write test was closer to a normal system at 40 MB per second.  Still not too shabby.

Current Configuration.:

Tyan Thunder 2500 Dual PIII board with 6 64 Bit PCI slots (2 66mhz, and 4 33mhz),  1 AGP Pro and 1 ISA slot. Onboard Dual Ultra160 SCSI,  Intel Fast Ethernet and Creative Labs Sound. Supports dual power supplies and up to 8 GB of ram in 8 DIMM slots. 

2 X   PIII 800 retail Slot 1  processors with a 133 MHZ system bus.

6 X   512MB PC133 ECC Buffered Registered SDRAM chips.  4-way interleave.  (3 GB total :-)  )  I need a new picture showing all the RAM.

1 DELL PERC 2 QC 64 Bit 66MHZ PCI Raid Controller with 128 MB of cache. I believe these are also know as Adaptec AHA-364   The maximum throughput on a 64 bit 66 mhz slot is 532MB/s.   I have 10 drives hooked up to to this controller.  5 on channel 0 and 5 on channel 1.    

10 X  Seagate Cheetah U2W 18.2 GB SCA drives in 2 Enlight 8700 hot swap SCA enclosures.  Enlight    

1 Matrix Orbital LK-204-PC LCD screen.  Matrix Orbital

1 Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti 500 with 64MB DDR by PNY  connected to a Viewsonic 19" monitor.

1 Matrox Millenium 8mb connected to a Samsung 19" monitor

2 SCSI Yamaha 16x10x40 CD-RW drives.

1 Pioneer 10x SCSI tray less DVD ROM (about 40x CD speed).

1 SCSI HP Scanjet 4C.

2 X  431 watt Enermax EG465P-VE(FC)  Enermax

1 1KVA  UPS built into the case.

1 modified 8U full size rack mount server case.  I think it used to be Unisys before I got to it.  9 5.25 drive bays external.  1 3.5 external, and plenty of room internally for extra stuff.  it is 19" wide and  30" deep.   Right now it weighs about 80LBS.


I've become interesting in "Modding" my computer.  It was getting a little old, and beige was starting to get depressing.  Here are a few pictures.  I'm also making the front of the case from acrylic, and I'm making a new plate for the new power supplies, also from acrylic.   I've painted all the drive faceplates black.  I also painted the fronts of the RAID cages, and the trim pieces that go around the edges of the drive bays.    There will be no air inlets in the new face,  instead I will add 2 120mm holes to the bottom, and put wire mesh filters on them.